Change of plan

Just a quick note to say we’ve changed our plans a little for the next month. We had been planning to spend a month in India, but have now realised what everyone else has been telling us for ages – that there isn’t enough time, especially if we want to see a taste of both north and south.

We also want to start our SE Asia journey in Vietnam, which will make it easier to end in Malaysia, and means we can meet up with Simon’s friend Sarah. Very sorry to Tom and Dayna, who this now means we won’t see in Thailand – hopefully we’ll be able to catch up with you a little later on.

The revised plan means we now fly out of India around the 8th November, from Kochi in the south, into Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We’re currently in Jaipur, leaving tomorrow to continue our tour of Rajasthan, before returning here for a brief respite over Diwali on the 26th October, and then heading to the south of the country by train.

Simon & Laura