The plan

Last updated: October 8th 2011

As it stands right now, this is the plan. It will definitely change. There is nowhere near enough time, and we don’t really know where we want to spend our time right now other than being on various flights that have been booked. The things in blue are less likely to be altered as it will cost us money to do so.

Lovely people are most welcome to join us, please get in touch and we’ll try to work out something more specific.

22nd August – fly to Beijing, China
28th August – 11th September – Gap Adventure tour Beijing-Tibet-Nepal
11th-30th September – Nepal
1st October – 7th November – India
8th November – 9th November – fly Kocci, India to Ho Chi Minh City
9th November – 25th January – South East Asia (ending in Malaysia for Chinese New Year)
25th January – fly back to London

25th January – 2nd February UK
3rd February – fly London – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
15th – 23rd February – carnival in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
2nd July – fly Lima, Peru to Havana, Cuba
2nd – 16th July – party in Cuba
16th July – fly Havana, Cuba – London

One thought on “The plan

  1. Hey!!!
    Hows life?

    We are just about finishing of our traveling these days, we have had 4 days of R&R in South Beach, Miami! after a hectic but fun time in south america. We did two Gap trips there, going from Lima – La paz and La Paz – Santiago! That was amazing, Peru has become one of mine all time favorite countries!

    Enjoy south america! The inca trail is highly recommended!!

    Cheers Gardar & Solveig

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