5 thoughts on “At the airport

  1. hey there simon[and partner laura,who doesnt know me!]….hope you have a great time on your travels and get lots of inspiration,esme and nina said they saw you at co camp..they are committed woodcrafters now! lots of love and good luck from all the sarfas family!!!!!!xxxxxxxxRuya…..ps the girls got ‘a’s and ‘a’ * for their a levels,yay!

  2. Bon Voyage! Hope you’ve picked up enough Mandarin to order your beers and locate your train tickets.

  3. Hope you had a great flight – I’m jealous you’re going to Beijing and I’m going to work! Lots of photos please xx

  4. The Duck looked good, almost worth the trip on its own, but the cucumber did not look as cool as a Brighton cucumber or a Beijing shower. Have a great time.

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