A tasty way to start the day


Now this is my kind of country! What better way to prepare for the day ahead than to get the taste buds going? Well, that and breakfast.


3 thoughts on “A tasty way to start the day

  1. Is it Branflakes with chopsticks for breakfast or something more savoury? Is the weather very humid?

    • Deliciously humid, but not quite a steam room. Toast for breakfast so far, I’m sure we’ll get more adventurous soon!

      • Baozi baozi baozi! barbequeued meat is the breakfast of champions- also in custard flavour! Approach morning street vendors who have giant bamboo steamers for this delight! If you can find Er’kuai I also recommend that- its a youtiao (long deep fried bread apparently like a ‘cruller’ although I don’t know what a ‘cruller’ is) wrapped in a pancake-y thing filled with either sweet peanut, salted chilli or fermented doufu (or all three). Youtiao dipped in sweet soya milk is also yums!

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