Falling behind

So, the blog’s fallen behind a little!

I’ve just added some new posts about the end of our time in Brazil, and a few more will follow shortly. Since we’re posting them with the date we were at the place rather than the date
they were uploaded, they’re appearing below the more recent stuff – so scroll on down to see them!


One thought on “Falling behind

  1. Thanks for posting these Simon and Laura; some of the photographs are remarkable, saying more than a thousand words.
    I am looking forward to chatting about Argentina , when you return. The balance between the legitimate interests of a State and Nationalism- including the facist military Junta- is so important. The military launched the Falklands/Malvina war and ( thanks to Thatcher!!!) lost and fell. This fall contributed to a renewal of democracy in all of the Southern Cone.
    ( I use facist carefully and they were more ruthless than Pinochet – they learnt from him- ensuring that many thousands of opponents “disappeared”-killed by death squads- and were not imprisoned in football stadia).
    Are we now seeing a return to fierce nationalism , linked to a greed/need for oil?
    Is it just election posturing ( with a xenophobic element) that happens in many countries?
    The Argentine President has angered Chile, Mexico and Peru ( and Spain) – like the UK- by nationalising YPF. This seems like very bad international politics by the President, as earlier there was Southern Cone solidarity on the Malvinas and its oil reserves. The Argentina MFA must be in despair after their earlier triumphs.
    You are living in interesting times in Argentina.

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