Lencois – the fork in the path

If there are two things that Brazilians really know how to do, they are embracing the weather and partying! How do you come down from a week-long party like carnival, where the heat gets under your skin and the the atmosphere invades your senses?

Apparently the answer is to get back to nature and head to Lencois.


The Aussies and I at the top of Morro do Pai Ignacio


Morro do Pai Ignacio

While Simon headed off on his three day hike I kicked back, made some friends and explored the local area. We spent endless hours chilling out at the nearby waterfalls and swimming holes and then climbed (albeit mostly by car) to the top of Morro do Pai Ignacio, with spectacular views of the surrounding valley. And one day, with me at the wheel, drove out to make the four (or five if you get a little lost and take the wrong fork in the path) hour trek up to the top of Fumaça and back. Ok, so the sense of achievement may not equal that felt on a three day trek with a big pack on your back, but the view is breathtaking nonetheless!

Standing above the Fumaça

Our trip to Fumaça was topped off with a dip at some nearby (lower level) waterfalls, a cool, refreshing and well earned Acai, and some star gazing which ended in near hysterical laughter.

Before you hit the main road back to Lencois there are 16 km of dirt road to be navigated, a slow and slightly disconcerting experience after dark. Nevertheless what better opportunity to switch off the engine and headlights, hop out and really take in the sparkling night sky? The four of us girls had had a fantastic day, we’d set out on our own, made our way to the top of Brazil’s highest waterfall, but now was time revert to girly stereotype, as we heard a car coming down the pitch black road towards us. With Cas shouting “turn on the lights!” and Constanza screaming”get in the car!!” panic ensued as we attempted to pile in and get away in about two seconds flat. The car wouldn’t start, mayhem took hold and as the other car rolled on by we all burst out into fits of laughter at our completely unwarranted and nonsensical frenzy. Perhaps you had to be there, but that memory will make me chuckle for a long time to come!